Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sutra: That crazy time of year!

Who has finished Christmas shopping and is ready?
Everyone except me?
I just ask that so I make my self feel worse! I have not finished and I should be!
Damn it!
I hate being in town at this time of year also. everyone is always really annoyed!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sutra: This roof will not provide shelter.

I have been terribly busy doing important things, like:
Building a house
Shopping for xmas pressies for 100000000 people
Working in a job which makes me tired
Organising a rabbit to give to my almost niece (fun!)
Going to board meetings (bleargh)

I love the way the sun lights up the timber framing! It looks warm and lovely. This image does not do it justice!

Living area picture! You can see exactly whats going on here right?

This last 2 images you can kinda see the roofing joists, which is what we have been doing lately! Now comes the fun part where we have to leap from joist to joist while doing the roofing iron. Lucky I am not afraid of heights huh?
And this? Well this is a pen w a tractor in it... Cool huh!

ETA: Oh you can clearly see the parapet walls! These are essentially a wall on top of a wall which the roof will sit inside. So our house will look like a big box rather than having a slanted roof... This is for no other reason than the looks of the house. Which is what happens when a fantastic, super modern architect designs your house for you!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sutra: Where did my weekend go?

We of course spent much of it up the block. But thankfully I had a chance to do some fun things too!

I had Friday off to help my friend move house. Mostly because I wanted to have a sticky beak at her new house, but also cos I am a nice person. Here is a picture of some boxes. I moved many of these.

We had a productive weekend up the block with. As you can see from the image below the external frame is now all finished. The linkway was the last thing to be done. Now we have started on the parapet wall before going and doing the internal walls. (parapet walls are kinda annoying to explain but its basically a wall on top of a wall... You will find out more in the future when we are finished working on them.)

On Sunday morning I went strawberry picking with my sister and her boyfriend. And treated myself to this tasty tasty ice cream. mmmmm yum!

Unfortunately we were not actually allowed to pick the strawberries! Because they were having a rest day to ripen up after being picked almost clean over the past few days :( So instead we picked raspberries! Very nearly as good!

This little guy had made a home in our stacks of timber. He could not stay there lest he be crushed by falling boards. So I had to relocate him! Cute huh!

Beautiful sunset in the afternoon at the block! (one day I may actually have to start calling it my house...)

So what did you all get up to??
Have a good week