Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sutra: Water, Water Everywhere...

So, we took delivery of some rather large stainless steel water tanks on Friday. So you know what we did on Saturday?
See how big and shiny they are????
We spent the whole day moving them into location! We strapped them up and used the digger to cart them one by one up the hill. Much more annoying than it sounds. Largely due to the fact that the digger felt like it wanted to tip over when it was carrying that much weight up the hill!

Here they are where they belong! After an extraordinarily long day pushing and pulling a couple of hundred kilos up a hill!
Here are the legs of J, dangling from the top of the tank after a long day!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sutra: Spring in the air!

Look at these pretty flowers sighted at my work today.
I bet they are the plainest most boring flowers ever but its nice to see flowers at all!

These are Daffodils, see I do know some things! And they are also growing at my work. I actually like daffodils I like their smell and I like their happy yellow colour!

Picture of the wild weather on the coast of Tasmania. I really like the east coast of Tasmania it still seems so natural and remote. Even though there are very decent roads and also many towns and tourist attractions to check out along the way

'Drift trees' on the beach after all the wind has washed them onto the sand.

And a picture of this lemon tart thing I had for a dessert for my mums birthday last week! mmmm yum!

Thats all for now folks. I will attempt not to be so boring in the future. No promises though...

Monday, August 1, 2011


I am fat
I am past internally convincing myself that it is only my winter weight. I need to now convince myself that I should eat healthier and exercise more in order to be fab and skinny like Candice Swanepoel.

Image screen shot off VS Access website
Is she freaking kidding me with that body? This is not even a good image! damn!
Ok whatevs, so I will never look like CS due to the fact that I bad genes when it comes to distribution of musculature etc (large stupid calf muscles and huge arm and neck muscles).

So today in honour of deciding that I actually am fat, I did some reps using my Val Slides and like the usual fun stuff (sit ups and those upside down bikey legs and stuff)

Val Slides
Ok so no one would pay me to train them cos I have no idea what I am talking about... But thats ok because I only have to train my self!

Then in other news which does not make me fat, I have run out of patience for paying $25-35 for my shampoo and conditioner off Strawberrynet and so lately when I ran out of my Aveda shampoo I went to the super market and grabbed a bottle of Organic Care shampoo from Woolies. It smells like coconuts which is fabulous and really I kinda think that a shampoo is a shampoo, unless its blue (which mine was not)
Coconut smelling shampoo and conditioner
Cos I was so entranced by the coconut smell of the shampoo I was like "Ok well really for $3something you can also try the conditioner" So I went ahead and brought it! And do you know I think my hair felt softer from using it than it does with Aveda (N.B. Quantities used may vary LOTS due to price differentiation) I will keep using Aveda treatments tho cos they r lovely and make my hair less knotty and cos it gets blonded some and also straightened daily it NEEDS help!

How come some people can straighten their hair and the straightness lasts like 2 days, where mine goes all crumply at night?

Thats all. I am going to brush my teeth now :)