Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sutra: Arachnophobic's should look away...

I don't like spiders. They are fine as long as I can't see them. But I have some photos of spiders who have been in my life recently to share with you. But first lets look at some highland plant life...

This native highland plant thing is lovely. I love the pink and pale turquoise-ey colouring. I actually would like to incorporate that pink into my house some how...

This moss is terribly interesting. I love moss, which is strange, I know. But I actually think its really lovely. This moss looked soft like a little green pillow, but up close it has spiky leaves, and to touch it's hard like a rock is underneath. But there is not. I checked!

Ok now for the spiders...

Ew. yuck. Your trying to hide. But you should know I see you. And if you come near me I have a shoe and I am not afraid to use my whole body's weight (not insignificant) to crush you.
*disclaimer: I prefer not to crush spiders, I am from the school of 'live and let live' and I feel bad if I do squish them... But if it was a life or death situation.... well

Ok your not too bad. Just please do no crawl near me...

Argh! What the feck are you doing in my car. In the dark. While I am driving. Don't you have some place other to be? Like outside?

Ew ew ew ew ew
*I did not squish any of these spiders. The one in my car I actually managed to flick out with my shoe this morning. I took approx 2 minutes of mumbling to my self and swiping with shoe before it fell out.

Now, aren't you glad I shared all that with you. It was very insightful, and kinda made my stomach turn.

Ok, now think about moss.... Much better

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sutra: Workplace Safety

We, at 'the block', are incredibly safety conscious. Just look at this excellent ramp we made in order to carry the windows into the house! (Just don't step on the loose ends, K?)
Below is what it looks like when you have windows in.
Its a wicked feeling! The frames are a colour called Monument (a dark grey w a slight green tinge) I am really happy with the colour I think they will be great with the colours we are planning to paint the interior and exterior of the house.

The below picture is completely irrelevant to anything... But I liked it cos the birds are loving resting on this radio tower!

They were seriously all the way from the bottom to the top and just everywhere. When I jumped out of the car to take this picture it was a real cacophony of bird tweets.

I very much like birds...

Sutra: Glossy Box Feb

After the phenomenal disappointment that was the Jan Glossy Box (temporary tattoos, blue eyeliner, lipgloss that smelt like plastic), the Feb one is almost as bad... But not quite.

A lipstick from Face of Australia that is not a good colour for me.
Proactive, the worst thing for my skin possible.
Mini nail files... Handy, will keep in my bag
Nail polish in a dark pinky red. Will use this.
and an olive lip balm. smells pretty but have not used yet so can't give you an accurate review.
I cancelled my subscription but I might try another brand of box and see if thats better... I hear Bella Box has been pretty good?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sutra: Friday Night

Ok so. I am not that good at pole y'all. It just so happens that there are only like 5 anywhere near advanced students!!!
One of our favourite moves is the balance plank. My friend and I always do doubles becuase we are the only ones in Tas who do!!!
My desert after a hard nights work!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sutra: Festivale

For the last 2 years I have done a pole performance at Festivale (a local food, wine and entertainment festival)
This year again I am doing a doubles performance Friday and Saturday night.
I am nervous because the performance is tonight and I always forget what I am doing on stage cos of all the nerves and stuff. Hopefully I don't make a spaz of myself...
Also, its supposed to rain tonight! Argh! You sooooo cannot pole in the rain!
I will try and get someone to take photos and then I can post some here if I look awesome and skinny.
I have a video of last years and even the year before's performances. But I am not going to link them because I look yucky and Fat! I am still not lean and fit looking. So it depends on how the video comes out. If you are really excited about searching for it on youtube you will be able to find them in like 2 seconds. Well depends how left or right brained you are as to whether you will be able to clue into some key factors and search the right phrase to find the video.
I commend you if you can be assed to do this!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sutra: The Disclaimer...

Ok, I am sorry if I say something to you, or you say something to me and I reply, which sounds weird/ridiculous/offensive etc.
I actually can't help it. I am slightly to the left when it comes to chit chat.
It's inherited I think. My mum says she says stuff that other people feel is weird too. I am yet to see this and I have nearly been in her life for half her life!
I really need to say straight after "Sorry that was a dumb ass thing to say/ not funny at all" But then I believe thats even more awkward than just letting it go.
So if I am ever communicating with you and you think t your self "Gosh this girl is a bit odd" now you can understand that this is a natural reaction upon meeting me and you are not alone!
Happy now?
K bye