Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sutra: The Chosen Colour

So this is the colour we have gone with.
It's called Vanilla Quake 1/4 which somehow looks kinda pinkish when you compare with white but is actually a more beige-y colour. Oh well poor J now will be living in a girlyfied house!

Yep, so you cant tell at all what colour it is can you?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sutra: Painting Progress

Painting is coming along quite nicely thankyou very much! As you can see our house is looking very white with a slightly yellowish cast to it! The undercoat is slightly yellow, which i dislike. I also dislike painting the undercoat on with a brush around the edges. Its a very very thick undercoat, kinda the texture of clag glue, or custard (:-S). So its a pain to paint on. Rolling is not so bad because with a roller it spreads much better!


Master bedroom (my room!!!!)

Hallway from the other direction

Sneak peek at our super awesome fittings and stuff!! Toilets and sinks and taps and stuff! Yay!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sutra: Going back in time

This is what happens at the beginning of spring. All these lovely flowers come out and make their home at the block! I loved the justaposition of the lovely little purple flowers with the barbed wire, these flowers were growing in a few places all down the fence. They are probably a weed, but they look lovely!

My cute little car is nearly a 4wheel drive! It made it around the back of the house, which is no easy feat!

This is my desk at my new work the first week i started! Very interesting huh...

Another pretty view of my house for you to gasp at its lovelyness

My car before the little silver one :( got stolen and burnt! Of all the bogan things that could happen. This pretty much tops it all!

Snow on the mountain in winter
More snow.

This is how cool people put up plaster! With great difficulty in fact! J actually welded up this special plaster hoisting device on to an old hospital bed!

My first trip in my new little car. Yes i took this picture while driving. Dont tell me you have not done the same!

My last day at the old office! And my biiiiiiig bag i was given by my old boss! I am in fact trying to fit inside the bag. I mean, thats what you are supposed to do right?

My old work view! Just had to show you and also remind myself how lovely it was!

So thats it. I am actually rushing as i am off up the block now!
Using a new app (for me) called draftcraft to edit this post. It has a few failings...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sutra: So... What's up?

I have not posted in a million years! Sorry about that... I just was not feeling it!
This is what's been happening lately. Including getting a new job which I love!
Plastering our house... Which is not fun at all! You should all know this and then don't do it! It's messy and dusty and plaster dust is hell on hair!!!

Lovely flowers from my work colleague as a thank you for doing her makeup before a super fancy awards dinner we went to with the other 'corporate office' staff

Me doing my best impression if a gypsy... or something. As I said, plaster is really really bad for your hair. If you like dry shampoo, you might like to get a little bit from a building site and try rubbing it in your roots... or not. I will let you decide.

A Hallway... Amazing yeah? I think the last post I did was back in April and maybe we just had the timber studs? Well look! Now all those studs have plaster on them! Way big improvement

This here is the dining area. See a fireplace on the left right there? Thats where we can cook sausages and potatoes. (I sanded this whole room and now I have to paint it. Envy me at all?)

Breakfast with some girls because one of said girls (the one on the left) was down for a few days from a place which will remain unmentioned, because she doesn't like it! Mine is the biggest!

This is the sexy J having a nanna nap. He can nap like nobodies business. I on the otherhand cannot. It is one of the great mysteries of the universe as to why I cannot sleep during the day, in a car or just about anywhere else.

And thats all I have for now. I dont want to overload you on my first blog back in ages with my awesome boringness. I will save that for next time. 
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