Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sutra: More funnies

Because I am in a giving mood. And I found these on my harddrive!

No idea where I got the link to this site, or even if they actually came off that site. But they are hilarious! So wherever you are and what ever your doing, I hope you got a laugh out of these!

Sutra: Funny Day

Yesterday I had 3 funny things happen to me! Well they were funny at the time, but me trying to explain them will not be funny probably...

so the first thing was when I got to work in the morning I was sitting in my office chair and kind of bending over and down to get my phone charger so I could plug in the work phone and the whole chair tipped! I was stuck sorta on the wall and I could not for the life of me make the chair stand back up! One of the other people in the office had to give me a hand as I was trapped!

Then after work I went to the supermarket and I walked past the checkouts and there was a tall very pale man wearing all black (with punk something on his jacket) standing in the line. I got the batteries I was looking for and then came back to line up behind this tall person because all the other lines were more busy. And do you want to know what he was buying? 3 Bulbs of garlic! That was all!!! So of course I am in the line chuckiling to my self and thinking of all manner or vampire related garlic stories.

Finally I went to pick up dinner, as we were eating at the block. when i get to the restaurant there are 2 people outside looking at the menu on the wall. I walk to the door and try the handle, but the door wont budge. Then I have a flash of memory and think to my self, Uh huh!!! The door is jammed, so I press on the handle and put my weight behind it and it opens! The man looking at the menu is practically doubled over in laughter! I guess he has never seen a blonde chick force a door before! Seriously the man could not stop laughing!

So that was my day. stuff like that does not happen that often...


I am a Taurus, or a bull. (or an Ox in Chinese years)
I am supposed to be very stubborn and also very much inclined to stick to my beliefs and patterns and not change them very often.
I don't think I am that stubborn, and I don't think I am that fixed either. Though I really like being able to say that I am a Taurus cos I think that makes me sound tough... or not.
Actually you know what though. I read somewhere that Taurus' are more likely to suffer from throat ailments like sore throats and tonsillitis and stuff, and that actually is true! I actually get these a whole heap.
And I am not very subtle, which I imagine bulls are not either. Also I do like charging at people. Thats kind of bull like hey?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Today I am wearing

Who comes up with these questions?
I am wearing
Skinny leg black jeans
Merino knit top
work shirt
work jacket
ugg boots
Killekrankie(sp?) ring
MJ watch
cute earrings
bracelet T got me from Thailand recently


Friday, May 27, 2011

Thai food napkins

So I went out for Thai and someone had folded these amazing napkins on every single place setting for every single table! They must take forever to fold all so exactly!
This here is what I wore going out for said Thai, VS Jacket & Jeans, Skin & Threads top, Boots from Wanted and the belt which I have no idea where it is from!
In other news... This here is my fragrance library! I have quite a collection, though I know not as many as some!

Above u can see how I have all of my makeup stored. Boring but very practical.

*NB please note that the wood walls in the photo's are not in my personal house, and they are just in the place where I live right now. (just needed everyone to know that...)

Thoughts on My Body

I probably don't think about this as much as many people or even as I used to. I mean I am not super happy with it. I would love to lose about 10kg and then I would be like "wowa I am sooooo super hot!" But I wont work hard enough to lose that weight as I like good food and I always find dieting difficult.

I exercise a fair bit and I am reasonably fit and not too fat. I think that's pretty good, and if I could maintain this shape for the rest of my life I would be doing very well I think.

sunset over the hills

More fun with Instagram and a pretty sunset rendered even prettier!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

5 Attractive Gents



Still Hot
All Images from Google Images

Then of course there is J who is my favourite.
I also think Orlando Bloom is kinda hot, but I don't believe he needs to be in this list, as he doesn't quite make the cut.

So I give u 4 attractive gents, not 5. Sorry


This here is a frosty view on my way to work this morning!
It has been cold lately, which is not fabulous at all! I don't like the cold, spring and autumn coldness is fine. We are not even in winter yet... so this is scary!
Hope everyone else is someplace warmer than me!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Family

I have a mum and a dad and a sister and a half brother (who is way old and has his own family and stuff now.)
My extended family includes aunts and uncles and grandparents (both full sets) and my great grandma who just passed away a few months back (miss you nanny).
Then there is J (my partners) family, who i would count also as a part of my fam.

My whole family is incredibly close. We see each other at least once a month for family birthday get togethers. I adore my family, and I know that they will do anything for each other and help each other out all the time.

Johns family is the same, we are both so lucky.

This is not deliberately a braggy, putdown-y type post. I didn't mean it that way. I am just incredibly grateful for the family I have.

Monday, May 23, 2011

First 10 songs that come up...

Me and My Imagination - Sophie Ellis Bextor
Seal it With a Kiss - Britney Spears
California Girls - Katy Perry
Who Keeps Changing Your Mind - South Street Player (Ministry)
Time to Burn - Storm (Ministry)
Scared - Duffy
Roads - Portishead
Tap at my Window - Laura Marling
Go Away - Katy B
Sweet Dreams - Emily Browning (Sucker Punch)

That is actually the order they played in, random huh.
I would not even listen to most of these songs! I am a mad song skipper, and I end up listening to the same songs 50,000,000,000 times!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bad day

Today was not a wonderful day.
Today I had bad luck. I think I mentioned going to a BBQ for a 3rd birthday? Well I went to the wrong place, which is like 30min from the place I wanted to be. So an hr round trip. Then when I finally got where I was supposed to be I realized I had lost my work keys off my key ring. So then i was even angrier and didn't enjoy myself at all!
This is the BBQ that she had organized

I then had to drive another hour total to find my keys! And I was supposed to be helping at the block. So 4 hrs later...

Sunday did not end well for me!!

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How important do I think education is

Very. No matter if you want to get into trades or some kinda professional field or business owning or whatever. If it wasn't important no one would do it. It costs heaps and it takes years.

I went to uni, I started out doing an Arts Degree (English Literature, Philosophy, History etc) and I did REALLY badly! I kinda knew what I wanted to do. So I went and saw a careers person at the Uni. They said "What you are doing is fine for where you want to be. You should just keep doing this."
And I am like.... hmmm Ok, and kept doing it for another year, then I said to my self, "Hey, you know what. That was a really bad idea. I will switch degrees." So I did.
I was much better and worked much harder at my new courses.

So my advice to people wanting to get educated is to take some time to figure out what you want to do in the end, rather than messing up really badly in the first place. It reflects badly upon your final scores.

Have a good Sunday. Work tomorrow :(

Pasta Lady? Why...

This here is a naked lady in a bowl of pasta. Its an ad for Lavazza, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what its saying except for "Hey look, I am a prettily composed picture!"
These are my sparkley shoes. They are from Wanted, and I like glitter and black shoes. So these were always going to be mine.
This is me taking a picture of my outfit.
This is when J, took a picture. Much clearer!
[Wearing: Leather Jacket from VS, Leopard scarf from Myer (favourite atm), Beige top from Sheike (which makes my butt look huge in this pic) Jeans from VS and sparkley shoes!!!]

Went for dinner to a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant last night with some friends and had a lovely meal. I have lamb shanks and it was amazing!!! Today BBQ for a friends daughters 3rd birthday at the coldest place on earth! No sun can penetrate where we will tread today due to the height of the trees.... Brrrrr

Friday, May 20, 2011

Today I ate

Today I had
muesli at 6am for breakfast
a couple of cups of tea
a small spoon of nutella (after work)
a buffet lunch (potato salad, unidetifiable curry, pasta etc)
a small yoghurt
This is all very boring...

So Today I saw...

A pretty red leaf-ed tree.
Goldfish... which are not white fish.(I am mad that this picture is blurry)

Someone has obviously become obsessed with instamatic just lately... wonder who that could be? hmmm.

Also Words With Friends, but I am not patient enough to wait for people to reply!


Like I said flowers! Or to be more precise, flower.

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Cute kitten! It looks more blonde in real life!

Clementine orange candle, which has been burning pretty much non stop!

Pretty autumn trees which are everywhere at the moment!

This is the Keep Cup I got free yesterday!!!! [(eeeeee!) It actually has a logo on the white grip band for a super fund... But still!]

I hope that anyone who reads this this morning has an amazing day!
I think I will get to finish work at about 2pm today! Short work day. Win!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pet peeves...

My pet peeves are:
1. Bad drivers (read slow)
2. Rude salespersons (I worked in retail, you can be having a bad day sure, but please just be nice!)
3. Teaching people to operate computers, phones, etc (not born to be a teacher)
4. People touching stuff I don't want them touching and invading my personal space.
5.When I say stupid things to people because I have slow mind-mouth connectivity (happens regularly)

That's all. Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode of Boring Life...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mainstream Music

What like Britney Spears?
I love it!
I am not a music snob at all, I love all different types of music (least on the list though would be country and really heavy metal.)
Life is too short to be a music snob.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Getting takeaway dumplings and stir fry from this cute little restaurant! Loving the random beaded menagerie!
Super cute!

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Things I would like to say to an ex...

I dont really have anything.
I have not had an ex for about 5 years now and I am pretty sure that if I saw any of them now I would be like "Hi, How are you going? Hows work? Hows life?" Just normal stuff. None of them made a big enough impression on my life that I have anything left unsaid I guess...

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Day

  • Wake up at 5.30am Go for run
  • Have breakfast at about 6
  • Shower at 6.30
  • Nap at 6:35
  • Wake up again at 7.15
  • Put on makeup
  • Do hair
  • Organise Lunch
  • Out door at about 7:50ish
  • Drive to work
  • Arrive at work at about 8.45ish (I drive about 50km p/day)
  • Turn on comp and heater and get started answering emails, reading blogs, checking orders etc...
  • Do same plus shop work, and order packing and talking with staff until lunch
  • 1ish have lunch
  • after lunch get back to computer and keep doing more of same
  • finish work at 4 in winter 5-6 the rest of year
  • Stop and visit mum most weekdays hang out at home until 8pmish
  • Head to boyfriends house and shower and sleep
Man, that is really boring! My job is actually more interesting than that, honestly! But I just cannot be bothered really going into all the boring details!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Blues

[VS jeans & Jacket, Witchery Stiped top, KMart shoes & Awesome scarf from Agfest, if you do not know what that is then you should NOT be concerned]

[Magazines in a Plastic Box]

[Magazines on a shelf]

Today welcome to my world of obsession. Vogue (especially) and Bazaar (the mag, not me)
I have been collecting since 2004 when I began reading them and I have most everyone since then.
The picture of the plastic box? Yeah what you can see is half the box, then there are another of that many on the other side. Then there may be another box of that same size with more in, and then there are more on other shelves and scattered around the place.
One day when we put a house on our block, I am going to have John make me a shelf specifically for my magazines. They will be art. (eeeeeeeee!)

Today I made choc chip muffins. I am working on increasing the size of my arse (not on purpose, I am not skinny. Just cos I like to eat yummy things)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Today I cleaned

That is what I did.
Let me tell u now it was not fun.
But I do see more tidyness than has been present in my life in a while...

A book I love...

Can you believe I did not read Pride & Prejudice until about 2 years ago. I am a huge book reader, yet I was always put off by classics. I read P&P for the first time ever on my iPhone, possibly that is some kind of oxymoron or juxtaposition or something. But its the truth. I had never even look at it until then.
So I would say that P&P is my fave book right now, I have read it about 4 times since then! But in the past my favourites would have been the Ancient Future by Traci Harding or The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant or other really large fantasy tomes...

Ok now I am going to go and enjoy my weekend!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Feel Strongly About

Ok, I dont actually feel strongly about that much, because I think people can feel strongly about something, then maybe their feelings change and all of a sudden they are hypocrites!

See right now I am trying to think of something I feel strongly about and I can't think of anything....

Um I guess I think that people should always try and see the other persons side in any kind of disagreement.

I always do this, to the point where people are like, "What are you talking about?"

And I am like, "Well they were probably thinking this when they did that and they thought it was OK, possibly they have a different mentality to you..."

Why don't I feel strongly about something? Uh Oh, I think this 30 day thing will be a bit more of a trial than I could have supposed...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Five ways to win my heart

1] A sense of fun
2] A sense of adventure
3] Kind
4] Generous
5] Capable and independent

These are the 5 things which drew me to my current OH.
His sense of fun though, sometimes gets annoying when he is in too good a mood and I am in a shitty mood!
And he doesn't give me enough presents!
Someone should tell him this!

Monday, May 9, 2011

30 things in 30 days

So I stole this idea from another blog which I follow (SoBeaucoup) and thought it would give me something to say everyday for a month.

We shall see how it goes and I don't like my chances of being able to answer the questions fully every day... But Ok

Weekend Gone

Our possible future view...

Fun little toadstools next to a beach

My friend and I have biscuit and cheese picnic next to the beach.

Had a busy weekend! Mother's Day meant that I was required to work a special function. So now I am exhausted what with a cement truck coming at 7am on Sat to pour cement into footings at the block and then a full day's work on Sunday.

I may or may not make it through the week...

Saturday, May 7, 2011


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Friday, May 6, 2011


I have found through @brainpicker on Twitter some amazing pictures of Iceland!
Who knew that Iceland was so damn beautiful? I certainly didn't, but pictures of Iceland seem to be all the range just lately?
The new craze in tourism...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Good Wife

Image courtesy of oscarseason.com

I adore this show. I think the humour is witty, the casting is amazing take for an example Julianna Margulies as Alicia, Archi Panjabi as Kalinda and Matt Czuchry as Carey.
I love lawyer shows anyway, Boston Legal is a prime example! But this is probably my favourite so far. I just wish and i am sure I am not alone in wishing this, that TV shows in America would not take such long breaks in the middle of a season! I forgot all about The Good Wife between episode 9 and episode 20 as there was such a ginormous break in between!
Am all caught up again now though.

Its funny to see the character development between seasons 1 and 2. For instance Kalinda, who had a sense of humour in season 1 seems perpetually crabby in season 2 (maybe something to do with Blake?). Another example is of how Diane used to dislike Alicia, or the relationship development between Alicia and Peter. Or Carey and Alicia's relationship...

I don't watch TV much, but this is one show that I would make time for.