Monday, April 19, 2010

I am Working!...

Yes indeed I am, I am still at work at the job I am leaving until Wednesday. My boss has just told me that after 2pm for the next 3 days I will be helping out in reception so that the reception lady can be trained up in her new area.

I am hoping that being in reception will mean that I can make the afternoons go a little faster by doing some computer entry work, where at present my days are going reasonably slowly while I am waiting to finish up.

In other news! Had a photoshoot on Sunday afternoon with a new photographer. It went quite well, I hope! Its always so hard to know whether it went well until after the fact. Most photographers tend to give you some idea of how the shoot is going as you go along by showing you some photos they have taken, but I didn't even get a peek yesterday. Not that it is a big deal, all people work differently, and I got along well with the photographer which is always good.

I think posing is one of the strangest things to do. I can never smile normally, I feel like my face is all funny, it isnt, I dont think, it just feels that way. I can never understand why photographers want to work with me. They always look me up for time for prints, and I dont mind, gives me experience and more images for my portfolio, or simply for fun as the case may be, but it is a strange thing. I don't think I am wonderfully good looking, or very special yet even though I am not getting paid, I still get a bit of experience. I wonder if I dropped 10KG I might be able to get paid work? hmmmm somthing to consider.

Ok I considered it and i decided that unless it drops off by osmosis I am not going to be losing that weight. (is osmosis the right word to use here? probably not)

Friday, April 2, 2010

River Views

Sound: Micky Green - Honky Tonk

Sitting in the living area of the J family shack, and I see a view of the river, which usually silent, is currently crowded with boats of all shapes and sizes. Not as peaceful as our usual vista due to the holidays.

Today is Good Friday, I swear every year that someone has to remind me why there are unusual rules for this day. Went out for breakfast this morning with Dad, T, J and M. Trust me that you do not want me to tell you what I had for breakfast, or even for lunch on this strict day! Oops...

I am not particularly religious, or even observant of other religions. I guess its because I did not grow up with religion in my family particularly. Also because I believe 'each to their own' and expect the same in return from everyone else. Though I have to say that in traditions where Women are subjugated to men in some way makes me dislike religion far more...

Thank you mum and dad for raising me to believe what ever I wanted to believe, or believe nothing at all!

So for this 5 day holiday, I am going to be spending with J family, I will probably be in a less amiable mood by the end of it. J's mum asking me questions constantly, J's cousin's girlfriend hates me. (One time I said she was skinny. She IS, and it was meant as a compliment. Interestingly J's other cousin once said she was fat, jokingly, and she hates him too. Go figure)

So if I return to work in 5 days and am HAPPY to be there, you know that I am at the end of my proverbial tether...