Friday, April 2, 2010

River Views

Sound: Micky Green - Honky Tonk

Sitting in the living area of the J family shack, and I see a view of the river, which usually silent, is currently crowded with boats of all shapes and sizes. Not as peaceful as our usual vista due to the holidays.

Today is Good Friday, I swear every year that someone has to remind me why there are unusual rules for this day. Went out for breakfast this morning with Dad, T, J and M. Trust me that you do not want me to tell you what I had for breakfast, or even for lunch on this strict day! Oops...

I am not particularly religious, or even observant of other religions. I guess its because I did not grow up with religion in my family particularly. Also because I believe 'each to their own' and expect the same in return from everyone else. Though I have to say that in traditions where Women are subjugated to men in some way makes me dislike religion far more...

Thank you mum and dad for raising me to believe what ever I wanted to believe, or believe nothing at all!

So for this 5 day holiday, I am going to be spending with J family, I will probably be in a less amiable mood by the end of it. J's mum asking me questions constantly, J's cousin's girlfriend hates me. (One time I said she was skinny. She IS, and it was meant as a compliment. Interestingly J's other cousin once said she was fat, jokingly, and she hates him too. Go figure)

So if I return to work in 5 days and am HAPPY to be there, you know that I am at the end of my proverbial tether...

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