Saturday, June 12, 2010

Road Trippin

Since I have started a new job it has become a part of what I do to be a 'rep' which so far has not been very sales focused, as everywhere I have gone everyone has actually been happy to see me! incredible for a sales rep! anyways, thought since I would be tripping around here and there a bit I would share my adventures with you. Starting by leaving Launceston about 8:10am

Next was my first coffee for the morning at Campbell Town, not the best coffee of my life actually, but by this stage I was hungry and feeling like I needed a pep up!

Driving from Campbell Town to Bicheno is along my favourite road ever, the Lake Leake Hwy. Its this amazing windy road with the best corners. If you dont get stuck behind an annoying car it is a great drive.

I would like to take a moment here to thank all the people I encountered on this day who actually pulled off the road to let me past I think about maybe 3 out of 5 cars today actually let me past which NEVER happens! So THANK YOU! The kind people who did this actually seriously made my day!

I had my first appointment of the day in Bicheno, which was lovely and warm! I actually took off my jacket in Bicheno, which I have not done in days. I think it was about 15 and sunny! I could have gone swimming! ...(or not)

Lunch!.... Chippies! While I was eating lunch about 50 seagulls surrounded me to try and eat my lunch. So when I had finished eating I put all my rubbish in the bin so there was NONE for the seagulls! Huh! (I think seagulls should really eat raw fish. There are still seagulls somewhere in the world which actually do. I think.

As I was leaving St Helens I stopped to take this picture. It is a strange place St Helens, somewhere between a small coastal town and a mid sized town, there are things like Chickenfeed ($2 / reject shop) but then there are lots of little places trying to make it more quaint. I don't know, its just not my favourite place ever.

Finally on the way back across lake Leake as I headed towards Campbell Town I drove into this beautiful sunset. My camera just does not capyure how nearly perfect it was, like this other time I drove back from our shack and there was this amazing light, which has impressed me for the rest of my life.

And that was the end of my day! Then I came back and had curry for dinner! Yum
Ok so that was kinda a fat day. will work on that for next trip...

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