Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I went and dropped in on an old friend at the pub he was playing in tonight. It is always such a lovely occasion to see old friend who you haven't seen in forever (read: 2 years). We had a fantastic conversation about what was happening in both of our lives, and I feel like he could be earnest with me and I with him without any fear of repercussions. Friendships can be like that.

After I had a chat with J and told him about catching up with D and J raised the point that (though he is never jealous) I often get jealous of him talking to other girls. This is so true and I feel terribly about it! Mostly about the hypocrisy of the situation. I try to explain to him that in my mind it makes perfect sense, because I would never dream of cheating on him, and therefore me talking with other boys is a non issue. But as I cannot read his mind I don't know if he would find someone more attractive than me and want to leave me for them!

I am a jealous type! I admit it and I actually think its ok.

Anyways this is just a situation where I guess you have to try and see both sides of the fence.

In other news, I have to stop being so slack and I should be keeping an eye on what else is happening around me.

My thoughts go out to NZ at this time. What is with all of the natural disasters befalling the face of the earth lately? Is it disaster season and no one was given any warning?

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