Friday, November 16, 2012

Sutra: Going back in time

This is what happens at the beginning of spring. All these lovely flowers come out and make their home at the block! I loved the justaposition of the lovely little purple flowers with the barbed wire, these flowers were growing in a few places all down the fence. They are probably a weed, but they look lovely!

My cute little car is nearly a 4wheel drive! It made it around the back of the house, which is no easy feat!

This is my desk at my new work the first week i started! Very interesting huh...

Another pretty view of my house for you to gasp at its lovelyness

My car before the little silver one :( got stolen and burnt! Of all the bogan things that could happen. This pretty much tops it all!

Snow on the mountain in winter
More snow.

This is how cool people put up plaster! With great difficulty in fact! J actually welded up this special plaster hoisting device on to an old hospital bed!

My first trip in my new little car. Yes i took this picture while driving. Dont tell me you have not done the same!

My last day at the old office! And my biiiiiiig bag i was given by my old boss! I am in fact trying to fit inside the bag. I mean, thats what you are supposed to do right?

My old work view! Just had to show you and also remind myself how lovely it was!

So thats it. I am actually rushing as i am off up the block now!
Using a new app (for me) called draftcraft to edit this post. It has a few failings...

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