Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's all nothing

Well, obviously, it is not all nothing, and I am just having a moment. Been having many dull moments lately, probably because I am not 100% satisfied with my work that I am doing.

But you know what? I still have to be here, so rather than spend my day trying to find the fact that instead of working, I am in fact surfing the internet and checking my Facebook, I shall actually work!

That is the decision I made last Wednesday evening after a particularly boring start to the week. Thursday and Friday actually turned out rather productive, and I have attempted to continue this thought process for the rest of this week. which has in fact worked through until today! Today I have not been quite so productive... Though I did take a brief sojourn to the bank to get up an account and get a credit check for my loan!

Thank you private browsing!

So what’s my plan when I come back after Easter? To have a new job! Truly, I have an interview on Thursday, so we shall see how that goes. I am actually quite looking forward to it to be honest. But I don’t know how the interview is going to go. Though it is good when your references call to tell you that they have told potential employer how fabulous you are!

I guess you just have to develop your mind set to convince yourself of anything. Either that the interview is not a big deal and it is going to go great, and also that you should do work and you will do work. I prefer to be busy anyway, so I really should have this more thoroughly developed!Even though I don’t particularly enjoy my work, you can still make the effort and be productive. Especially when your boss is jumping all over you to make money for the company. (More on the ‘fabulous’ management at this office another time…)

Happy Easter everyone. Remember to choose how your day will go at the start. You will probably feel better if you go in with a confident mindset!

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