Saturday, January 15, 2011


Wow massive hiatus. not that it matters particularly. This is no life or death blog. Work has been keeping me busy as i work in tourism, so when summer comes so do the tourists. Being that not only are there more tourists anyway, but our particular attraction is most attractive also helps.

Anyway, so I have been doing a bit of online shopping lately. Victorias Secret and Decormyeyes. I got these beautiful Burberry sunnies off Decormyeyes after my sister got some Bvlgari ones which turned out to be such a great buy.
I get a little VS crazy every now and then. Usually whenever they send me a catalog... Anyhoodle, I ended up getting some work pants, t-shirts, bras, undies and beauty stuff. Cant wait for it all to arrive. I am always so impressed with the quality of their stuff. Actually do you know what. I may have blogged about this previously. Have I?

Ok well off to search online for some bridesmaid shoes for a wedding I will be in soon. Wish me luck and if you can recommend a place to find off white slightly strappy satin-y shoes then let me know!

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