Saturday, January 22, 2011


Back to work and right into it!!! My first road trip of the year and I n e e d e d my c o f f e e!! The problem though with having coffee in a giant mug, is that when you need to drive 2 1/2 hrs to get to the first meeting, and you leave home late (stupid) when you then need to stop and pee you are angry and stressed. Yup silly me, next time I will factor in a rest break... maybe
This beautiful tree on our block looks magical when the sun shines through the leaves. I adore sitting in our old faded outdoor chairs and looking up into the canopy of this tree.
This tree I dislike immensely most of the year, due to the fact it is very spiky! But when it is in flower the butterflies flock to these trees and they are so calming to watch flitting about from flower to flower. Butterflies are terribly lovely.
This my dears is what it looks like when you have just poured nearly 10 cubic metres of concrete to create a slab! Yay for us the first step in the building process is well underway! This weekend we have started to create the wall structure. Well J has, I supervise mostly... Or swing in the tissu's.

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