Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sutra: The Economy

Today I am working. I am not an economist and I know nothing really about economics, aside from the little I learn't by attending the subject in University (I didn't like it).

But today I would like to take a few seconds to speak about the subject.

Right now the economy is going through this kinda sucky time warp period where no one really knows whats happening and things are trying to be sold for too much and people want to pay too little.

For instance, the property market where I live is all crazy, wherein people are trying to sell their houses for much more than they are worth because they paid so much more for them a few years back.

Also tourism (my industry), is having a very slow start to the season and visitor numbers are down slightly. Spend p/individual is down a tonne, which doesn't affect me directly but affects the business I work for and means that we have to talk about it heaps.

On to the AUD which was for a long time above parity with the USD (hello online shopping) But is not back at parity. :( *sad face*

Luckily prior to the USD gaining some ground, I managed to put in a VS order which has just arrived!

Yippee for my awesome new bathers and makeup! Will have to post some pics because the website I don't think... I LIED well not exactly cos its these bathers but in the black w gold spots which there is not a pic of. Also got THIS in Star. Which is great cos I love some shimmer in my life and this stuff is v shimmery!

Ok well I hope that post didn't make me sound too much like I have not idea what I am talking about (which I don't). But I felt the need to ramble somewhere and this stuff has been on my mind lately.

Well that, and a whole bunch of other stuff which may well be even less interesting!

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