Monday, November 28, 2011

Sutra: How to assemble a house:

Well you should probably start with a working knowledge of building... This may help.

If you don't then you should have a relation (or boyfriend) who is incredibly smart and likes to look in to calculations and to scale drawings and think deeply on such things.

If you can't locate your self either of these 2 things. Probably don't build.

We are actually thoroughly enjoying building together. J has it all under control and then I bring him lunch. I usually spend all afternoon with him on the weekends and his dad spends all morning.

When I show up they will have a bunch done already. Then his dad heads off and I hang out, we get maybe a third of the amount done... I am very distracting and I am scared of the nail gun and the saw. Drills and Rattlers are where I am comfortable (Rattlers: not snake but drill type thing which is not a drill for some reason)

Building is not for everyone. I am just terribly grateful that we have supportive people to live with while we make our own amazing house!

If your reading this have a great week. If your not, have a great week anyways...

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