Friday, January 20, 2012

Sutra: Shopping I Can't Afford

I am 100% in love w this gorgeous bag, which I can't afford.

BTW Mary-Kate (guess) Those sunnies are not great w your skin tone...

So I am looking to buy a similar style off ebay for (less than) a fraction of the price. I know, I know, plagiarism and whatever and stealing of creative property or something and moral codes and all that. But really if you were on my wage you would do the same. Also, as if this style is not going to be out of fashion in about 3 months or less! It's probably already soooooo passe, but I live in Tassie, so its OK cos no one down here has any idea (wrong and blatant generalisation) about whats supposed to be the IT thing.

Also very much like these flats. But will wait until Shopbop has a sale I think before I contemplate taking my lemming any further!

Okies well I had better go pretend to be doing some more work while I actually catch up on some blogs :)

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  1. Being a nerd and reading all your past posts. I thought it was interesting that the bag you mentioned is still incredibly popular now haha.