Monday, January 30, 2012

Sutra: The Big Blue Box

Well, would you look'a here! This here is a big blue box, with added windows!

So I guess you can see that we have wrapped our house in sisalation (blue stuff) which is very exciting because it really gives you an idea of what our house will feel like from the inside (plus shiny-ness)

This is a picture looking up our hallway towards the master bedroom before the windows have been pulled back

This is after the windows have been pulled back! Wow so much light! Yay!

And this picture here is of the walk in wardrobe, ensuite and bathroom!
[It's quite difficult to tell the difference but the WIR is the first room in the right of the image. The ensuite is in the middle (door to ensuite is in the left of the image) and you can also see the bathroom (look for the wall joists which separate the ensuite and bathroom. {all bathroom floors are white cement stuff})]
Ok... The point is... Check out how awesome my walk in is going to be why don't you!!!! Jealous yet?

Yup, so aren't you glad I shared this update with you :)
Also, I have tomorrow off. Ha!

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