Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sutra: Outdoor Walls and Floor

Well, I haven't been around much lately.
Thats because every waking moment when I am not sleeping or at work I am at the block.

As you can see we have been busy! You will notice that we now have decks which you can actually walk on! Great huh!

We have actually also done a bunch more cladding since, and seeing as J will be working his cute butt off over the 4 day easter break I bet that we will have a bunch more done.

I will assist by eating left over chocolate and endeavoring not to distract him from his purpose by whining at him every 10 minutes that we should be going to the beach... Hard work.

Aside from the necessary I have also recently been reading alot. Which though it may sound like a fine thing to do. When I read it becomes like an obsession so much so that I don't sleep because I am busy making up plot lines in my head and I sneak peeks in traffic, while driving, while at work and where ever else I can find 10 seconds.
I read The Hunger Games, I didn't like it (don't kill me). I didn't like the way it was written especially the second and third book. I felt that the author didn't make full use of the characters. I felt like the used them as a scapegoat so she didn't have to write about stuff she couldn't be assed to expand on. I am probably being way harsh. Truth be told I was in love with them while I was reading them... Then about halfway through the second book I started getting annoyed.

I also read this series by Jennifer Rardin. Completely great and funny. Then I started reading these books by P.C and Kristen cast, The House of Night series which is pretty good. Then I came across the Tempest series by Nicole Peeler and I super giggled at these. Now I am reading Evermore by Alyson Noel. Which I am not yet convinced I am enjoying. It's very ponderous. See a theme? Yep, cos I find the name of a new series while I am looking in iBooks for the other authors books. So I will continue on with this theme for a little bit longer until I run out of decent stuff to read. (OK so it's not all that decent. Don't judge)

Now that you understand I am completely and totally nutso, please enjoy this sunset

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