Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sutra: Christmas

So this was my Christmas!
No food photos because I am always way too busy eating to take pictures of what it is we are eating! But it was all delicious and amazing! Everything just seems to taste better on Christmas day than any other day!

When we arrived at the shack on Christmas eve the wind was up, so John rigged up the windsurfer to go and have a good old crack at something he has not done in about 2 years due to house building taking priority! It's something he really loves and is very good at actually! But he had some pretty sore muscles the next day!

Looking good out there! In the bay gliding over the water!

As my partcipation in Christmas lunch, I provided Sangria (copious amounts) and truffles. What did we all learn from this experience? Don't let me make the truffles! They were the size of golf balls! Delicious, but huge! Also extremely not good looking! Oops!

Here we are being super gooses! With the hats and streamers!

This cracker guy climbed the truffle. It was a hard slog, but he made the peak that day.

Good bye you beatiful place you! I will miss you 100% until the next time!

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