Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sutra: So Shiny!

One of my jobs in this enterprise was to pick all the fittings. Apparently I like chrome! We ordered most of our stuff from reece.com.au. If I had my time again I probably wouldnt use Reece. We will be getting out final little things like towel rails etc from Robert Ferguson in Launceston. When we ordered from them they had our stuff in after only about a week and they were so easy to deal with and gave us a call as soon as we could come in and collect our stuff. Reece on the other hand... Well we waited about 3 weeks and didnt hear anything from them. When we called we found out that they actually had most of our order, but no one had notified us. They were also missing a few things. Then we have been waiting another week or 2 and had to call them again to see if the rest was in and they didn't even know what we were still waiting on! So I had to check our quote against what we actually had and email them to say what we were missing. So, yeah. Annoying! I am happy with the stuff i got from them, it's all just lovely, but i am annoyed at having to constantly chase them!

Our shower rail is a nikles shower rail from reece.com. It's so shiny! It has a great flat head which has a mirror surface on the back, which is good so I can check for mascara residue!
The taps for our bath and basins are from the Phoenix - Kubus range also from reece.com. I love the squareness of them! Very much like our house!
A Mizu 1700 Gooseneck tap for the kitchen, also from reece.com is what we have for our kitchen. It's soooo pretty! I can't wait to start using all my nice stuff!
Mizu kitchen sink. Its a sink. I dont really like the draining racks in most sinks so this one has a nice neat and minimal draining rack.
This one is a little different, its a Vitra - Piu Due squarer bowl basin from rodgersellers.com.au unfortunately I don't think they carry this basin anymore. It's huge! Which is good so I dont splash water everywhere... Or thats the plan anyway.
These are our main light fittings. They are called Surf lights and we got them from casamonde.com.au which is located in Hobart, Tasmania. They are just gorgeous on the wall, very simple but they light beautifully! I really didnt want ceiling lights or down lights. Down lights are a little overdone nowadays and use a fair bit of power and ceiling lights are a bit boring! So wall lights it is!

So there you go. These are the fittings we have and they are lovely!
It's ok to be jealous.

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