Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sutra: Slackness

Yes I have been slack.
I would like to be able to say truthfully that this is because I am very busy and important. But I am not.
I have just been painting the legs for our house on the weekend, which is tiring and dirty work! I have been working and applying for jobs and I have been reading books on my iPhone.
That last thing that I mentioned there is actually my current obsession. I have found these kinda cheesy, almost Mills & Boon type books but with vampires in them. This keeps my busy for hours! But now I am kinda sick of reading these books and need to find something a bit different.
So now I am going to begin the daunting task of reading Game of Thrones. Mostly because in episode 10 of the TV series the Kaliessi has dragons and I thought that was pretty bad ass.
Not going to read these on my iPhone though. That would be crazy! I am going to borrow the tomes off J's brother.

Ok y'all have a great day. and try not to freeze if you r anywhere near me atm.

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