Monday, October 24, 2011

Sutra: My Weekend Gone

I had my hair done on Saturday, look at how lovely and shiny and clean it looks! Yay for the hairdresser!
Then I tried to take a picture of these cute flowers up the block! They were tiny though and as I didnt feel the need to lie on the ground to capture them accurately, this is what you get.

On the weekend we started laying our flooring! This is the yellow tongue I was telling you about last time. We got a whole bunch done on the weekend after a trial of maneuvering which started off Saturday morning. Where about 10 sheets fell off the back of the truck! Luckily as I was at the hairdressers I missed the angry grumpy fest which this would have created.

And how do you get the bunches of boards off the truck and 3 metres in the air? Digger power of course!

In order to make this not a completely building related post, as that is all I talk about lately. I took a pic of my Sunday outfit. Inappropriate shoes certainly, top and jeans too matchy-matchy, course. Comfortable? Yes.

Have a great weeek!!

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