Thursday, October 13, 2011

who gave this to me?

Which refers to this cold I have recently acquired.
By recently I mean today, at around 11am.
I have this terrible feeling somewhere between my nose oxygen passage and the back of my throat where instead of nice soft fleshy tissue I am breathing using sandpaper.
I often get sore throats. I am of the opinion that this is because I am a Taurean and apparently throats are very volatile areas for these ppl. Thats my theory and I am sticking to it until someone gives me something better.


So the minute I get a cold I rush out and buy Olive Leaf Extract because I believe that it's the bom. (which is good)
Taste = Foul: Try ehinacea in liquid form and nothing will ever taste worse than that.
Immune boosting and sickness warding offness = wicked

The second thing I do (not necessarily in that order) is to make a lemon drink. For which I have decided to do as many other lovely bloggers of note have done in the past, and make a pictorial step by step of drink making procedure...

To make this drink of health you will need: Lemon, suger, industrial size bucket of honey (no need to use the whole thing less u want to), hot water (not pictured), a cup

Cut the lemons in half and squeeze lemon juice into cup using preferred methods of squeezing. I like this jaw clamp thing so I can really squish the life juice out of them.

Add hot water then honey. I like to use 2 teaspoons depending on how strong the lemon is

I also like to add sugar. No reason. I just do.

Ok I have now drunk 3/4 of my lemon drink and I am already feeling better :)

See now u know how to feel better when u feel like crap too! Happy world

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