Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sutra: That geeky feeling

eeeeeeeeee! To my new phone which I was finally able to pick up on Tuesday morning!

Here Follows Rant:

So Aus Air Express tried to deliver my parcel to my home and no one was there. So obviously they took it to the next Post Office on their route which is 10min from my home.
I work 9-5, an hour out of town, which means leaving home at 8am and getting home at 6pm. The Post Office they took it to is only open 9-5. They could have taken it to my local Post Office (open 7-7) and dropped it there (where most of my mail goes) But no. They didn't.
Call Aus Post and ask for it to be transferred: "You will have to pay postage"
Could someone else collect it for me: "No, you will need to show ID upon collection"

End Rant...

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