Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sutra: The Disclaimer...

Ok, I am sorry if I say something to you, or you say something to me and I reply, which sounds weird/ridiculous/offensive etc.
I actually can't help it. I am slightly to the left when it comes to chit chat.
It's inherited I think. My mum says she says stuff that other people feel is weird too. I am yet to see this and I have nearly been in her life for half her life!
I really need to say straight after "Sorry that was a dumb ass thing to say/ not funny at all" But then I believe thats even more awkward than just letting it go.
So if I am ever communicating with you and you think t your self "Gosh this girl is a bit odd" now you can understand that this is a natural reaction upon meeting me and you are not alone!
Happy now?
K bye

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