Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chicken Party

I had such a great weekend, but now I am tired due to lack of sleep.

I had a hens party for one of my very best friends, and I had a lots of vested interest in this particular party as I am her Maid of Honour.

I have to say that we actually really pulled the day off fantastically! (is that a word?)

We had a wine tour during the day with several stops at amazing Tasmanian wineries including, Pipers Brook, Iron Pot Bay and Bay of Fires. We had an amazing lunch at Pipers Brook, and an amazing day and the rain held out for the whole of it.

Then in the evening we went out for dinner to a little tavern and had a delicious dinner and the staff were incredibly accommodating! followed by a jaunt out into the town where everyone danced like crazy people (or was that just myself??)

The picture above is my sister and myself being nuts and tossing our hair. (also my bra is showing, but it is possibly I was having too much fun to notice.)

Hens Parties are fun, I cant wait to have my own!!!

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