Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Universe, "Please can you communicate to me something that I could get for my dad for Christmas this year?"
"Actually while you are at it, could you also please let me know what to get J?"

Boys are so hard to shop for. What do you get for people who only want things that cost about $500 or more? For J I want to get him something to keep, something personal, not a cordless drill. Every year for my dad, my sister and I end up getting him these expensive socks he wears and apricot bits and stuff like that. not super thoughtful gifts.

This is my current conundrum which is occupying a significant amount of brain space. as aside from these couple of gifts I am pretty much done. I would like to be completely finished now so that I can think about other things.

For example, the fact that our building plans are in for approval. Or that public liability insurance is going to cost us $1500. Or that my friend who I have not seen since her wedding will be able to meet up with me hopefully later in December!

So since it is the final day of November, Happy December everyone. Hope all your Christmas shopping is very nearly done!

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