Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sleeping on a Cloud

Ever since I was a little girly, I have always had this massive obsession with flying. The bit I love most about flying in planes is looking at the world from above, and especially the part where you get to look at the world from above the clouds. I adore the moments in flight when you break through the clouds andstart to ascend above them. This is when you can see them look their most fluffy and delicious. and sometimesyou can see their flatt bottoms and the cotton candy tops at the same time. Its like magic.
I also really enjoy being a total eejit and taking photos from the plane window. I know I am such a tourist. But really, who can help themselves being a little impressed by the whole aerial view of a city. Who can not be amazed to see roads snaking off into the distance, through cities and farmland. Ok maybe lots of people.
As such I thought I would share my inner childish-ness with you in the form of some pictures from my latest trip. Some are flying over Sydney (or Melb?) and some are flying into Newcastle, but you will have to guess which are which.
I hope these photos make someone happy today. Even if it is because they are thinking to them selves, 'a 25 year old sat in a plane and took these photos like a 10 year old with a new camera.' You may laugh, but clouds are wonderful. Why do you think people want to sleep on them and not with the fishes?

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