Friday, February 10, 2012

Sutra: Festivale

For the last 2 years I have done a pole performance at Festivale (a local food, wine and entertainment festival)
This year again I am doing a doubles performance Friday and Saturday night.
I am nervous because the performance is tonight and I always forget what I am doing on stage cos of all the nerves and stuff. Hopefully I don't make a spaz of myself...
Also, its supposed to rain tonight! Argh! You sooooo cannot pole in the rain!
I will try and get someone to take photos and then I can post some here if I look awesome and skinny.
I have a video of last years and even the year before's performances. But I am not going to link them because I look yucky and Fat! I am still not lean and fit looking. So it depends on how the video comes out. If you are really excited about searching for it on youtube you will be able to find them in like 2 seconds. Well depends how left or right brained you are as to whether you will be able to clue into some key factors and search the right phrase to find the video.
I commend you if you can be assed to do this!

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