Sunday, January 31, 2010

We Must Do Our Exersise

Probably the vast majority of people out there don't like doing exercise. I know it is so hard for me to get out and do the requisite 30 minutes per day! People have busy schedules and for many people there are so many other things that they would rather be doing than exercising! So I thought I might share how I try and get out there and get my heart rate up to burn off some of the calories I munch.

Firstly, I have always found it very difficult to get motivation to exercise and for a while there I just was getting bigger and bigger and not burning the energy I was consuming. Especially while I was in Italy, but thats another story! Then I finally found something that actually made me kind of excited to get in my gym shorts and that has definitely made a difference to my out look. I found pole dancing!

For anyone who is not aware pole dancing is great for fitness, it builds up your upper body strength and is good for overall toning because you are working so many muscles you would barely otherwise use, and let me tell you, you will feel it after the first few times!

Another way that I found to exercise is talking to my partner about working out together. He is pretty fit and has always gone to the gym two times a week for weights and stuff, but together we started running. At first it was hard slog and I could not even run 100 meters without panting something terrible and getting the worst most incapacitating stitch ever! But now after about 2 years of running I can easily control my breathing and run at a steady pace for ages.

I don't really enjoy running, but it is an hour a day of extra time that I get to spend with my partner which is nice. The bad thing about it? We have to run before work otherwise we don't have the motivation, and that means getting up at 5:15 am to run! J has to continually remind me to get up and throw my running things at me so I can get dressed while in bed or else there is no getting me up! I then complain for the whole time how tired I am and how I need to get to bed earlier. I appreciate the exercise most of the time though.

So I guess what I did to make getting through some exercise for me was:
1) find something I enjoy doing that doesn't even feel like exercise.
2) just keep at it! If you keep going with it you will get fitter, and it will get easier!

Thats what anyone will tell you, and of those magazines with the "20 top tips to get a sexy body", but its true, and it has worked for me. I don't have the motivation to do exercise off my own back, but with a little help and a friend or 2 to motivate me, I have been able to really revolutionize my attitude.

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