Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pasta Lady? Why...

This here is a naked lady in a bowl of pasta. Its an ad for Lavazza, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what its saying except for "Hey look, I am a prettily composed picture!"
These are my sparkley shoes. They are from Wanted, and I like glitter and black shoes. So these were always going to be mine.
This is me taking a picture of my outfit.
This is when J, took a picture. Much clearer!
[Wearing: Leather Jacket from VS, Leopard scarf from Myer (favourite atm), Beige top from Sheike (which makes my butt look huge in this pic) Jeans from VS and sparkley shoes!!!]

Went for dinner to a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant last night with some friends and had a lovely meal. I have lamb shanks and it was amazing!!! Today BBQ for a friends daughters 3rd birthday at the coldest place on earth! No sun can penetrate where we will tread today due to the height of the trees.... Brrrrr

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