Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sutra: Funny Day

Yesterday I had 3 funny things happen to me! Well they were funny at the time, but me trying to explain them will not be funny probably...

so the first thing was when I got to work in the morning I was sitting in my office chair and kind of bending over and down to get my phone charger so I could plug in the work phone and the whole chair tipped! I was stuck sorta on the wall and I could not for the life of me make the chair stand back up! One of the other people in the office had to give me a hand as I was trapped!

Then after work I went to the supermarket and I walked past the checkouts and there was a tall very pale man wearing all black (with punk something on his jacket) standing in the line. I got the batteries I was looking for and then came back to line up behind this tall person because all the other lines were more busy. And do you want to know what he was buying? 3 Bulbs of garlic! That was all!!! So of course I am in the line chuckiling to my self and thinking of all manner or vampire related garlic stories.

Finally I went to pick up dinner, as we were eating at the block. when i get to the restaurant there are 2 people outside looking at the menu on the wall. I walk to the door and try the handle, but the door wont budge. Then I have a flash of memory and think to my self, Uh huh!!! The door is jammed, so I press on the handle and put my weight behind it and it opens! The man looking at the menu is practically doubled over in laughter! I guess he has never seen a blonde chick force a door before! Seriously the man could not stop laughing!

So that was my day. stuff like that does not happen that often...

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