Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Blues

[VS jeans & Jacket, Witchery Stiped top, KMart shoes & Awesome scarf from Agfest, if you do not know what that is then you should NOT be concerned]

[Magazines in a Plastic Box]

[Magazines on a shelf]

Today welcome to my world of obsession. Vogue (especially) and Bazaar (the mag, not me)
I have been collecting since 2004 when I began reading them and I have most everyone since then.
The picture of the plastic box? Yeah what you can see is half the box, then there are another of that many on the other side. Then there may be another box of that same size with more in, and then there are more on other shelves and scattered around the place.
One day when we put a house on our block, I am going to have John make me a shelf specifically for my magazines. They will be art. (eeeeeeeee!)

Today I made choc chip muffins. I am working on increasing the size of my arse (not on purpose, I am not skinny. Just cos I like to eat yummy things)

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