Monday, May 16, 2011

My Day

  • Wake up at 5.30am Go for run
  • Have breakfast at about 6
  • Shower at 6.30
  • Nap at 6:35
  • Wake up again at 7.15
  • Put on makeup
  • Do hair
  • Organise Lunch
  • Out door at about 7:50ish
  • Drive to work
  • Arrive at work at about 8.45ish (I drive about 50km p/day)
  • Turn on comp and heater and get started answering emails, reading blogs, checking orders etc...
  • Do same plus shop work, and order packing and talking with staff until lunch
  • 1ish have lunch
  • after lunch get back to computer and keep doing more of same
  • finish work at 4 in winter 5-6 the rest of year
  • Stop and visit mum most weekdays hang out at home until 8pmish
  • Head to boyfriends house and shower and sleep
Man, that is really boring! My job is actually more interesting than that, honestly! But I just cannot be bothered really going into all the boring details!

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